Flander's Breakaway - 5%

A light and refreshing Belgian wheat ale with notes of honeydew and a subtle floral, fruity, and slightly spicy character.

No Quarter - 6.8%

A hazy IPA brewed with German Pilsner malt, wheat and oats. Strong notes of orange, pineapple, passion fruit that love to linger on the palette.

Puppy Love -5.5%

Two parts raspberry and one part strawberry combined to make this fruited Belgian ale.

Hopz Brown Ale - 6.5%

This American brown ale is fuller in body with a balanced ratio of malt to hop. notes of espresso, chocolate, caramel and toffee.

Cider Guest Tap

Ask about our current flavor.

Smoked Fiddler - 5.2%

A smoked malt pilsner with Hersbrucker, Saaz, and Tetanang hops and brewer's favorite San Francisco lager yeast.

Reckless Abandonment - 6.8%

This hazy IPA skews the line between higher IBU West-Coast style IPAs and softer tropical New-England style IPAs.

Shake It Out Stout - 7.5%

a bold, roasty, chocolaty, full bodied stout with notes of espresso.

Motra -7.2%

A traditional West Coast IPA with bold hop aromas and bitterness. Brewed with Mosaic and Citra hops, which combine to create its name. Aromas of stone fruit, pine, and citrus.


Basil Vodka Lemonade

Stateside Vodka + all natural lemonade + fresh basil

Grapefruit Mint G+T

Big Spring Spirits Gin + tonic + all natural grapefruit + mint

Spiked Arnold Palmer

Stateside Vodka + lemonade + iced tea + simple syrup

House Gin and Tonic

Bluecoat American Dry Gin + our seasonal tonic on tap

Summer Breeze

Eight Oaks American Gin + lemon cordial + fresh mint

The Shady Pineapple

Forefathers Coconut Rum + lime + pineapple + sage leaf

Ancho Mule

Hidden Still Agave + B&B Ancho Chile Liqueur + bitters + ginger beer

Pennsylvania Peach

Stateside Vodka + Peelle + muddled lemon + vanilla


Penns Woods Chardonnay

Penns Woods Pinot Grigio

Penns Woods Rose

Penns Woods Pinot Noir

Penns Woods Cab Sauvignon

Small Plates Great for two people

Soft Pretzel Trio

Bavarian pretzels + mustard + jalapeno beer cheese *

Spinach and Artichoke Croquettes

goat cheese + clijonaisse + fresh herbs

Lemon Pepper Green Beans

sour cream & onion sauce + fried shallot *

Southern Fried Oyster Mushrooms

local organic mushrooms + Taproom mustard *

Buffalo Cauliflower

carrots + celery + ranch (regular/vegan) *

Party Fries

truffle oil + parmesan + fresh herbs + garlic aioli *

White Bean Hummus

olive oil + Za'tar + fresh herbs + pita + pickled veggies*

Handhelds Eat with your hands„ nobody's judging./

Veggie Street Taco

flour tortillas + carrot sofrito + black bean salad + pickled cabbage + avocado + chipotle crema *

Grilled Cheese

sourdough + beer braised broccoli rube + Gruyere + red sauce + salt & vinegar chips

Falafel Sandwich

chickpea patty + pickled cabbage + tzatziki + herb salad + sweet potato bun + fries *

Smashed Chicken

Burger Vermont white cheddar + lettuce + tomato + onion + garlic aioli + sweet potato bun + fries 15

BBQ Beyond Meat-less Burger

tomato + raw onion + BBQ + sweet potato bun + fries 15 I add vegan or regular cheese +2 *

Sub fries for chips or dressed greens w/cucumbers

Salads Healthy and satisfying


arugula + spinach + kale + roasted red peppers + pickled red onion + roasted corn + feta + avocado + sunflower seeds + spicy chipotle vinaigrette *

Summer Wedge

baby romaine + charred leeks + heirloom cherry tomatoes + Manchego + green goddess

Balanced Bowl

jasmine rice + black bean salad + grilled broccolini + carrot sofrito + charred corn + avocado + green goddess *

Chicken +5 I Tofu +3

Plant-powered Contains Nuts Vegetarian, can be made plant-powered

Large Plates Fill your belly

Cauliflower Cream Rigatoni

cauliflower cream + mushroom ragout + hazelnut dukkah + lemon + chives *

Grilled Halloumi

pee wee potatoes + frisee salad + chimichurri 18

Pizza12" Necipoilean


organic tomato sauce + mozzarella *


shredded mozzarella + tomato sauce + parmesan + oregano + fresh garlic ("upside down") *

Summer Cob

shredded mozzarella + asparagus + corn + goat cheese + romano + rosemary


mozzarella + mushrooms (cremini + oyster + shitake) + black garlic aioli+ fried shallots *


tomato sauce + mozzarella + mushrooms + onion + local sausage + oregano + parmesan

Sub vegan shredded mozzarella +2

*Plant-powered Contains Nuts Vegetarian, can be made plant-based


organic tomato sauce + fresh mozzarella + basil olive oil

White Pie

mozzarella + parmesan + romano + ricotta + oregano + fresh garlic + parsley

Heirloom Caprese

fresh mozzarella + shredded mozzarella + heirloom tomatoes + balsamic + basil

Presto Bianca

mozzarella + pesto + ricotta + romano + garlic+ oregano + parmesan +pine nuts

Mike's Favorite Pizza

shredded mozzarella+ fontina + roasted chicken + caramelized onions + black garlic aioli

Dessert Save room!

Ice Cream Sandwich

made-from-scratch chocolate chip pecan cookies + vanilla bean soy ice cream + chocolate chip coating *

Banana Split

caramelized banana + vanilla soy ice cream + Luxardo cherries + caramel + malted peanuts *

EventsJoin the fun!


Join us for Thursday night, date night, in the Taproom starting August 4! Come with a significant other or bring a friend and enjoy a pre-fixe meal for two for only $38 (not including tax or drinks) plus live music or order a la carte and enjoy live music starting at 6pm!

Happy hour

Wednesday-Friday @4pm-6pm

$2 off wine and $5 beer

Salt and Vinegar Chips

fried skin on potato + malt vinegar powder


Birchrun Hills Farm bleu cheese + PA Farmstead smoked cheddar + marcona almonds + apple + quince paste + onion jams + mustard + crostini

White Bean Hummus

olive oil + Za'tar + fresh herbs + pita + pickled veggies

Barley's Bar Mix

tamari glaze + marcona almonds + mixed nuts + Fritos + wheat chex

*Plant-powered Contains Nuts Vegetarian, can be made plant-based