The owners, Nick and Lindsey, met in Minneapolis and fell in love with a restaurant there called Punch Pizza.

We decided to tweak that model and offer beer, brewed on site, along with Neapolitan, wood-fired pizza. Our founding mascot, Newfoundland, Ralph, was a large part of our life and is also the company mascot. Since his passing in March of 2018, Barley and Hopz have joined our family and Chestnut Hill Brewing Company as the second generation mascots and heirs to the throne.
Our mission is to be the community destination of choice in Chestnut Hill and to create memorable experiences for everyone. We believe in providing a comfortable, laid-back, and welcoming space for people to gather with friends and family over delicious craft beer and healthy-ish food to disconnect from the stresses of the day and reconnect with each other to make lasting memories. We love to see laughter and smiles.

Our one team does this through a strong sense of hospitality and communication.

We operate with integrity, have respect for our guests, each other, and ourselves and believe in being inclusive and giving back to everyone who supports us in our community. “C.Ichor”- the core substance that is the lifeline of Chestnut Hill Brewing Company, stands for Communication, Integrity, Community, Hospitality, One Team, and Respect.

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